Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Don't do ill

A woke up with some tears and a tummy ache this morning, I suggested she should sit on the loo, do a poo and see if that made it better. It did a bit. I gave her some probiotic yoghurt and claimed 'She'd be alright!' to which A replied "You ALWAYS say that Mummy!"

I do. It's the first retort when they say they feel poorly. You'll be alright. So I sent her to school as usual and it turned out she wasn't alright at all and is now in bed with a fever, looking very poorly indeed. The worst thing about the whole debacle was that A endured a complete day at school feeling like shite, even doing 2 laps of the playing field in PE, because she thought the teachers would just say 'Oh you'll be alright!' - oops. Bad parenting. Bad uncaring Mummy. The thing is, I just don't do ill - not mine, not friends and not even those really close to me.

I had a bad cough a couple of years ago, ended up breaking a rib, getting pneumonia and pleurisy  Took 8 weeks to clear it - ill me? Nah, carried on as normal, looking after two pre-schoolers, kept house, took him to the station and picked him up every night and even delivered an antenatal course. Didn't have time to be ill.

I'm sure my Mum is reading this and remembering the time in India when she had a bad case of the Delhi Belly. I threw her a couple of bananas in her bed, placed her immodium and water on the bedside table and stated I was going out for the day to discover the delights of the hill station, Simla. Not a very caring daughter either, obviously.

So tomorrow, I am going to pour ALL my love, devotion and attention on A, to try and make up for my serious fail today. She will have a day off school and I will nurse her, mop her brow and kiss her often.

Not at all miffed that I am going to miss cross-country training on Fletch, a great big chestnut gelding, at silly speeds over excitingly high fences. Not miffed at all.


  1. A very easy mistake to make, just think of the very many times you've said it will be alright and it actually has been! Saw some meme recently that said something along the lines of 'You know you are a parent when if someone says they have a tummy ache, you say 'Have you had a poo?''

  2. I don't do ill either! I had adult chickenpox at the same time as my twins had it. I didn't have time to be ill because they needed looking after. I send mine to school sometimes wondering how long it'll be before I get a phone call from the school. My own Mum did it to me. She sent me to school with the flu! Hope your little one is better soon.

    1. Yes, my mum sent me into school with streaming colds as well. I think I had to vomit on her feet to get a day off!

      Antibiotics kicking in - so little one will be just fine!

  3. Ahhh, that's true!

    Have a horrid feeling this is a nasty and may require a docs trip tomorrow.

    Hope you're well - I see you have started camping already, v brave, v cold!

  4. Not cold if you have a fire! First bank holiday was amazing. Chasing sunshine towards Exmoor this weekend - that's your old stamping ground isn't it? Hope A feels better soon.

    1. Oh I LOVE Exmoor, moorland meets the sea. I could live there easily if he didn't need the city so much. Quantocks was nearer me in my youth, very beautiful indeed. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Well that was a night and a half. What started out as a tummy ache this morning, poor little A has gone rapidly down hill with a call to the out-of-hours doctor at 10pm. She has a serious chest infection, a very high temperature and is just about well enough to stay at home.

    I take it all back. Of course I do ill and caring, I am sleeping in her room on the floor to check her breathing tonight. My poor little A.

    Night, night sleep well my sweet.