Pic of the day

A 13 month project taking a picture everyday

31st October 2013



30th October 2013

Twisty swinging

29th October 2013

North Hill

28th October 2013

Moody Minehead

27th October 2013

Delightful blue

26th October 2013

As taken by P

25th October 2013

Late allotment blooms

24th October 2013


23rd October 2013

Ladybird cuddle

22nd October 2013


21st October 2013

School gardening

School gardening

20th October 2013

Mushroom city

Mushroom city

19th October 2013

Spooky coffee

Spooky coffee

18th October 2013


17th October 2013


16th October 2013


15th October 2013


14th October 2013

Camilo Cienfuegos

13th October 2013

Guaranteed to make me smile

12th October 2013

"We missed you Mum!"

11th October 2013

Spencer, donk and Sizzy-buck

10th October 2013


9th October 2013

Glorious sunrise

8th October 2013


7th October 2013

The enormous ginger

6th October 2013

Road to a glacier

5th October 2013

Through a window

4th October 2013


3rd October 2013

Rock patterns

2nd October 2013

Reykjavik grafitti

1st October 2013

Searching for the Northern Lights

30th September 2013

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon

29th September 2013

Mysterious pools

28th September 2013

Icelandic horses

Icelandic horses

27th September 2013

Reykjavik 'pond'

26th September 2013

Reykjavik cathedral

Reykjavik cathedral 

25th September 2013

Bluest of blue

24th September 2013

Fumeroles and geysirs

Fumeroles and geysirs

23rd September 2013



22nd September 2013


21st September 2013

Prize winning veggies 

20th September 2013

Preparing onions

19th September 2013

School foraging

18th September 2013

Runner bean seeds

17th September 2013

School allotment tatties

16th September 2013

Fletch and me

15th September 2013

Katie and Fletch

14th September 2013

Flumpy on holiday

13th September 2013

Yeah, made me jump as well

12th September 2013

Windy sunflower

11th September 2013

Hidden flower

10th September 2013

Chilli harvest

One and only chilli

9th September 2013

Blackboard conversations

8th September 2013

South Downs

Frisbee by the South Downs

7th September 2013


Friends old and new

6th September 2013

The Juggs

Fnarr fnarr!

5th September 2013


4th September 2013


Fruitful tree

3rd September 2013

champagne cooler

Champagne cooler

2nd September 2013

Rock pools

Rock pools

1st September 2013


Down the lottie

31st August 2013

Globe artichoke


30th August 2013

Wild flower meadow

29th August 2013

P and Uncle C at Chelsea fire station

28th August 2013

Fire fighter A

27th August 2013

Go kart mum

26th August 2013

Sleepy pig

Day at the farm

25th August 2013

Seagulls at Camber

Seagulls at Camber

24th August 2013

Fairy wishes

23rd August 2013

In the woods

In the woods

22nd August 2013

Shooting in pyjamas

Shooting in pyjamas

21st August 2013

Hide and seek

Hide and seek

20th August 2013

A perfect courgette

19th August 2013

Stork nest

Stork nest

18th August 2013

Plaza mayor

Plaza mayor

17th August 2013

River beach

Another river beach

16th August 2013

River beach

River beach posing

15th August 2013

Cabril dam - and swimming pool

14th August 2013

Gert yurt

13th August 2013

Our river

12th August 2013


40 in Marvao, Portugal

11th August 2013

Los toros

Los toros

10th August 2013


Merida Roman ruins

9th August 2013



8th August 2013


7th August 2013

Sundowner raving

Sundowner raving

6th August 2013

Casa Alferera

Casa Alferera

5th August 2013



4th August 2013

Pool Casa Alferera

Pool action

3rd August 2013

Extremadura sunset

Extremadura sunset

2nd August 2013


2nd and an =4th (*beams proudly*)

1st August 2013

Fire pit BBQ

Fire pit BBQ

31st July 2013

A and R

30th July 2013


Best mates at Welsh castles

29th July 2013

Drinking rain

Drinking rain

28th July 2013

Gorgeous friends gorgeous wedding

27th July 2013

Happy belated birthday P

26th July 2013

Nettle beer

Beer in the nettles

25th July 2013

Fiat 500

Banana yellow courtesy car!

24th July 2013

Pett Level

Pett Level

23rd July 2013

Child stars

Child stars

22nd July 2013

Sunny graves

Sunny graves

21st July 2013

Pirate day

Pirate day

20th July 2013

Lambeth Country Show

Lambeth Country Show

19th July 2013

Bouncy slide

Unsuccessful sliding

18th July 2013

School sports day

School sports day

17th July 2013

Horse nostril


16th July 2013



15th July 2013


All grown up in Pizza Express - happy birthday P

14th July 2013

Bowl of strawbs

From the garden

13th July 2013



12th July 2013


Breakfast at the allotment

11th July 2013


A wheelbarrow full of salad

10th July 2013


A million foxgloves

9th July 2013

Strawberry picking

Strawberry and cherry picking

8th July 2013


Gin and tonics by Edwin

7th July 2013

Water lily

Water lily

6th July 2013

Daisy steps

Daisy steps

5th July 2013

Apple walk

Apple walk

4th July 2013

King Johns Nursery

King Johns Nursery

3rd July 2013


Slug-free lettuce

2nd July 2013

Mother hen

Mother hen

1st July 2013

Summer strawberries


30th June 2013


Playing boules

29th June 2013

Camp fire

Camp fire fun

28th June 2013

Paleo Corfu

It really is this colour

27th June 2013

Corfu snake

Big brown snake

26th June 2013

Gnarled olive

Gnarled olive

25th June 2013


Beautiful vista

24th June 2013

Corfu sea

The sea so clear (Corfu)

23rd June 2013


Summer tomato

22nd June 2013

Fat cats

Fatty catties

21st June 2013

Peace child

Peace child petal

20th June 2013

Dolly's dressage

Enter at A, working trot

19th June 2013

June evening

June evening

18th June 2013



17th June 2013

Aunty and Uncle

Aunty and Uncle

16th June 2013


Happy Fathers Day

15th June 2013


Windy up top

14th June 2013

Crazy golf


13th June 2013



12th June 2013

Curly pig


11th June 2013

Sussex walk

Sussex is nice

10th June 2013

Guinea pig cuddles at Blackberry Farm

9th June 2013

June walk

June walk in winter coats

8th June 2013

Dressage Daley

Dressage Daley

7th June 2013

Morris dancing

Morris dancing with Ugandans

6th June 2013

Horse tongue


5th June 2013

Allium ball

Allium ball

4th June 2013

Allium star

Allium star

3rd June 2013

Full moon

Lovely moon

2nd June 2013


Cricket on a Sussex green

1st June 2013

Bug hotel

Dining room table at the bug hotel

31st May 2103

River bank

River bank

30th May 2013

Sleepy kid

Pooped after swimming

29th May 2013

Globe artichoke

Glorious globes

28th May 2013

Pony ride


27th May 2013

Riverside running

Riverside running

26th May 2013



25th May 2013

Lovely tulips

Lovely tulips

24th May 2013

Cat and scarf

Suits blue

23rd May 2013

Cat in sun

I'm coming back as a cat

22nd May 2013

May garden

P in the May garden

21st May 2013

Queen of the night

Queen of the night

20th May 2013

Birthday card

For him

19th May 2013



18th May 2013

Cat girl

Cat girl

17th May 2013

Cat lady

Cat lady

16th May 2013


15th May 2013


14th May 2013

Sussex honey

Medicine bees
13th May 2013

Large sandwich

cheese and pickle

12th May 2013


Rushmore estate

11th May 2013

Tollard Royal

Tollard Royal

10th May 2013

Wild garlic

A sea of wild garlic

9th May 2013

Bluebell woods

Bluebell season

8th May 2013

Mama and baby snail

Mama and baby

7th May 2013


Yeeeeee haaaaaaaah!

6th May 2013

The White House

The Durrells White House

5th May 2013

Old Perethia

Old Perethia

4th May 2013



3rd May 2013

Cape Arilla

Pre-season beaches

2nd May 2013

A box of cats

A box of cats

1st May 2013

Olive groves

Wandering through the olive groves, through the spring flowers and past the snakes

30th April 2013

Corfu town


29th April 2013

Greek Easter in Corfu

Greek Orthodox Easter celebrations

28th April 2013



27th April 2013


Pure Paleo

26th April 2013

Liquid icecream

Childhood icecream

25th April 2013

Pink tulip

Slow emerging tulip

24th April 2013

Dead-heading with dinosaurs

23rd April 2013


Marvellous magnolia

22nd April 2013

The bow

Post performance bow
21st April 2013

Sunny sisters

Sunny sisters
20th April 2013


Dig, dig, dig

19th April 2013

Allotment chickens

18th April 2013


A violet for E - Happy birthday darling

17th April 2013


Eyes of forget-me-not blue

16th April 2013

Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom

15th April 2013


Brighton yesterday

14th April 2013

Making chocolate

Pounding cocoa beans into chocolate

13th April 2013


No socks

12th April 2013

Swing with a view

Swing with a view

11th April 2013

Birling Gap

Wild and crazy sea

10th April 2013

Puppet show

Puppet show

9th April 2013

Double buggy

Double buggy

8th April 2013

Garden party

Garden party

7th April 2013
Big trees small people

Big trees small people

6th April 2013

London playground

London playground

5th April 2013


Pit stop at a very cold Stonehenge

4th April 2013

Childhood swing

Childhood swing

3rd April 2013

Pony ride

2nd April 2013

Porlock Weir

Exmoor with Granny and her dog

1st April 2013

A cupcake in Lebanon

31st March 2013

Sensational butterflies at the Natural History Museum

30th March 2013

Beautiful butterflies

29th March 2013

Winter allotment

Contemplating the allotment

28th March 2013

I don't remember this much fuss being made over Easter when I was a kid

27th March 2013

Easter bunny hunt

Easter bunny hunt

26th March 2013

Stonegate church

Village church

25th March 2013

Marshmallow duck

Easter week

24th March 2013


23rd March 2013

3D cinema

22nd March 2013

Choccie cake

Friday cake

21st March 2013

Green carnation

Green carnation

20th March 2013

Wee tea

19th March 2013

Cat hiding

Cat behind the washing

18th March 2013

White wellies

White wellies

17th March 2013

Scarlet elf cup

Scarlet elf cup - Sarcoscypha coccinea  

16th March 2013

Wild garlic

Garlic woods - beginnings of pesto

15th March 2013

Pooh sticks

Pooh sticks

14th March 2013

Kids drawing horse

Me on Fletch

13th March 2013

Snow in March

And just a bit more

12th March 2013

Snow and the daffs

Even more snow

11th March 2013

Snow in March

Snow again

10th March 2013

Mothers day

Lucky me

9th March 2013

P's new swimming goggs

8th March 2013


Mushroom waves

7th March 2013

Not fat - big furred

6th March 2013

Tete a tete daffodil

Tete a tete

5th March 2013

Horse nostril

Hello Fletch

4th March 2013



3rd March 2013

Woodland walk

Wintery Spring like walks

2nd March 2013

Muddy boots


1st March 2013

Cream tea

Funky Friday fun

28th February 2013

Local woods

27th February 2013

Log riding

26th February 2013

Sunny playground

Sunny playground

25th February 2013

Indoor picnic

Indoor picnics at half term

24th February 2013


Another incredible dawn

23rd February 2013


22nd February 2013

Country lane

Country walks

21st February 2013


Signs of Spring

20th February 2013

Cow watching

Cow watching

19th February 2013

Cute pony

A lovely morning with Peanut

18th February 2013

Dewy spiders web

Dewy spiders web

17th February 2013

Junk art

Junk art

16th February 2013

Shingle jumping in Hastings

15th February 2013


14th February 2013

Lump fish

A lumpy sort of fish

13th February 2013

Solar eclipse

Happy birthday sis x

12th February 2013

Facing East

Facing East

11th February 2013

Lurcher x whippet


10th February 2013

Elephant birthday cake

Birthday cake ele

9th February 2013



8th February 2013

New dad

7th February 2013

Morning moon

6th February 2013

7 years ago

5th February 2013


Indoor bulbs

4th February 2013


All the way from Nairobi

3rd February 2013

For Mum
2nd February 2013

Swiss morris dancers

1st February 2013

Frosted ivy

31st January 2013

Silver birch

Silver birch

30th January 2013

Snake biscuit

29th January 2013

Indoor plant

28th January 2013

I really hate Mondays so I thought I'd post a picture of Ibiza instead

27th January 2013

P at Bexhill-on-Sea

26th January 2013

Penny farthings

25th January 2013

De la Warre pavillion

24th January 2013

choppy blowy sea

23rd January 2013

What a difference a day makes

22nd January 2013

Making a snow man with a tiny head

21st January 2013

Snow rose

20th January 2013

Our snowman

19th January 2013

Biscuit making

18th January 2013

Snow antics

17th January 2013


Good old rhubarb

16th January 2013


15th January 2013

When she was not very big

14th January 2013

Snow on pansy

Snow on pansy

13th January 2013

Frosty rosemary

Cold rosemary

12th January 2013

Maternal Cleo

11th January 2013

Dawning of a new day

10th January 2013

A very, very long time ago

9th January 2013

Remembering Roger and me

8th January 2013


7th January 2013


Havana memories

6th January 2013

Big, fat, white, fluffy sheep

5th January 2013

dad hug

Daddy huggle

4th January 2013

E and A

3rd January 2013

Shoots and leaves


2nd January 2013

Cute cat

Start the new year with a cute cat pic

1st January 2013


New Years day walk

31st December 2012

Microsoft window desktop in Sussex

30th December 2012

Camber sands

P in the dunes

29th December 2012

Camber sands

Camber sands

28th December 2012

Gold shoes

New shoes

27th December 2012

Christmas garland

Xmas garland

26th December 2012

A snail eating the snow oats!

25th December 2012

A fantastic Christmas yule log courtesy of granny

24th December 2012

Waiting for Father Christmas

23rd December 2012

A Christmas theatre treat from Aunty and Uncle 

22nd December 2012

Trafalgar Square crimbo tree

21st December 2012

Christmas at the sea

20th December 2012

Guinea pig sitting

19th December 2012

Magnolia bud

Magnolia bud

18th December 2012

The Bell, Ticehurst

17th December 2012

A couple of natives and a glass of prosecco

16th December 2012

Christmas cheer in Hastings

15th December 2012

Hendy's Christmas house

Alistair Hendy's Christmas House

14th December 2012

Christmas tree

A pretty perfect tree complete with African angel

13th December 2012

Climbing a stile

Christmassy walks

12th December 2012

Winter tree

My winter tree

11th December 2012


Angelic Mary

10th December 2012

Winter dawn

Winter dawn

9th December 2012

Kids making xmas cards

Christmas card making

8th December 2012

Burwash walk

Me and my girls

7th December 2012

Cats by fire

Get off

6th December 2012

African dawn

African dawn and Kilimanjaro

5th December 2012

Jumping bomas - maasai cattle pens

4th December 2012

Giraffe eye

Giraffe eye

3rd December 2012


E's ponies with John and David

2nd December 2012

Elephant orphan

Orphan ele

1st December 2012

Resident at ol Donyo

30th November 2012

Me, Zulu and an a ele

29th November 2012

ol Donyo

28th November 2012

Ride Kenya

Us, ponies, a giraffe and Mount Kilimanjaro 

27th November 2012

Me, wardens, a big gun and a dead giraffe

26th November 2012


A road to nowhere

25th November 2012


Zebra on the way to ol Donyo Lodge

24th November 2012

Polo pony


23rd November 2012


Attempting polo

22nd November 2012

Feeding giraffes

Feeding the giraffes

21st November 2012


There was this incredible splash of sun amongst grey, wind and rain - but the photo doesn't do it justice

20th November 2012


Getting ready

19th November 2012


18th November 2012

Rose hips

Rambling rose hips

17th November 2012


Ace acers

16th November 2012

Christmas in November

Christmas in November
15th November 2012

Cute cat

Doopy cat

14th November 2012


13th November 2012

Last of the flowers

12th November 2012

Chard for Green Soup

11th November 2012

Worm cuddle

Worm cuddle

10th November 2012

World map jigsaw

Rainy day jigsaws

9th November 2012

School bonfire

School bonfire
8th November 2012


Nice leaves!
7th November 2012

Laos in the rain

Random past - Laos 2005

6th November 2012

Pumkin trail

Pumpkin trail
5th November 2012

Chinese lanterns

Chinese lanterns

4th November 2012

Secret garden

Secret garden

3rd November 2012

40th party


2nd November 2012



1st November 2012

Donkey sanctuary

A and the donkey

31st October 2012

Stormy seas

Wild and windy Halloween walk

30th October 2012


Cheapskates - took a pic through the fence

29th October 2012

Showjumping in Spain

Show jumping yard in Spain 2002

28th October 2012

Pumpkin carving

It was a creative pumpkin carving year

27th October 2012

Pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving

26th October 2012

Halloween disco

25th October 2012

Haagen dazs

Treat day in Haagen dazs shop - bit shit actually. Expensive bit of shit too.

24th October 2012

Camels in Somerset

Camels take a break at our house in Somerset circa 1997. A friend had a camel company, as you do,  read all about it here.

23rd October 2012

Prayer flags

Prayer flags

22nd October 2012

Day trip to London to see his office

21st October 2012

Roasted veg

Roasted veg

20th October 2012

Zombie day Brighton

Day of the zombies in Brighton

19th October 2012

Playing vets

Playing vets

18th October 2012

Chips from the chip van

17th October 2012

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds

16th October 2012

Calle Betis

11 years ago this week we moved to Seville, Spain. We had a flat two streets behind this one, Calle Betis, and spent over a year eating jamon, dancing sevillanas, going to the beach and roller blading by this river to the old expo site. 

15th October 2012

Breaking dawn

Breaking dawn

14th October 2012

Allotment haul

Allotment haul

13th October 2012

Cat porn

Awwwwwwwwwww. There is more to my life other than cats and kids you know. Just a little more.

12th October 2012

Big spider

I know, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Was in the lounge. Mighty big one too.

11th October 2012


Borage star so bright

10th October 2012

Morning mists

Morning mists - a witch's brew

9th October 2012
cat in sun

Found the chink of sun

8th October 2012

country walk

Remembering Summer walks with Granny and P.

7th October 2012


Dance is education

6th October 2012

Upside-down Autumn

5th October 2012
Pink rose

For Arabella

4th October 2012

Viburnam tinus

Dew drop on Viburnum tinus 

3rd October 2012



2nd October 2012

Kids breakfast

Kids breakfast

1st October 2012

Ginger cat

Camouflaged cat

30th September 2012

First riding lesson

I caved, P's first riding lesson on Whoops!

29th September 2012


Allotment day - colour courtesy of @OldHaberdashery 's plot

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