Monday, 1 July 2013

Camping 2013

I moaned when I saw the weather forecast this weekend; rain on Friday, dull on Saturday and the promise of a peek at the sun on Sunday. I had expected it this way because we were camping. Memories came metaphorically flooding back - of soggy tents, mouldy socks, damp sleeping bags and the ever present worry our tent was not going to hold this storm out.

It happened to be a fabulous weekend, of sunshine, meadows, marshmallows on sticks, flying kites and playing frisbee, walks to country pubs to sample the ciders and ales, bbq'd meat never tasted so fine - and nobody even put their socks on at night. It was a warm June weekend with even a few red shoulders and peeling noses. It was a heavenly bucolic weekend that childhood memories and those camping book photo shoots are made of. This years camping has healed the raw wounds of 2012 camping.

Tent with a view

Walk to the pub

Through the corn

Toasted Tunnocks Teacakes

Grass filtered coffee

We are planning on going again, and soon, and extending our camping kit - part of the fun of camp sites is kit envy. So Summer 2013, you had better keep this performance up as we have all decided we like this under-canvas-camp-fire malarkey. 


  1. Good to hear you are back in the fold! Where did you go? Looks lovely. What's with the grass in the kettle?

    1. Hi Hazel! I thought of you!

      We were at St Ives campsite, Hartfield (Winnie the Pooh country)

      Now the grass in the coffee was ingenius. Years ago when we lived in Brixton there was an Ethiopian restaurant on Coldharbour Lane. The coffee was served from a big pot with what looked like hay stuffed in the spout. Having realised we had forgotten the cafetierre this weekend, my husband remembered the Ethiopian way...we made the coffee in the kettle, stuffed the spout which filtered it beautifully. Just need to remember to pick the grass not near the tent...all those midnight wee-trips and all ...

      Have a great summer!

  2. Oh yes, I know it. Not in person but I've come across it during my interminable research sessions. Must add it to my map! Cunning those Ethiopians!