Tuesday, 10 September 2013

School photo

It's time for a rant. I haven't ranted for a while, it's been too darn nice to moan. A sure fire way to start me off is ...school. In fact I'm surprised I've lasted until day 5 without even a mention of it.

I can't bear the uniform our school uses. It's a village state school but insists on a tie, a logo on the cardigan, a matching book bag and P.E kit, all at great expense. The tie is a particular unnecessary item in the rigmarole that is uniform.

"I can't breathe, I hate this tie....GET OFF ME!" shouted A this morning, as I wrestled with her top button.

Today is school photo day and the school insists on 'Winter Uniform' for this event - instead of the pleasant and easy gingham dresses of the summer term. The children felt constrained for the first time in months, gone are the t-shirts and crocs, gone are the swimming costumes and naked garden days - along with the change in the weather, everything is closing in!

I never buy the school photo anyway. I hate the fake smile, slightly sitting sideways and prim nature of the picture. Today's photo would only remind me of our particularly unpleasant morning of getting ready for it.


  1. I hear you! Can't bear all that nylon.

    1. Cheers for reading Umi!

      The start of the winter I feel; ties, nylon and endless shirt washing....

  2. I'm no fan of uniform at all for primary, but I particularly loathe the man made fibres, especially the cardigans. Boo. Mine have gone straight back to summer today :)

    1. No uniform at all please - (although I understand the arguments for it) especially no ties and collared shirts - a polo shirt and trousers (any) would suffice - jeans being the obvious hard wearing choice!

      Even my husband gets to wear 'home' clothes now - it seems only bankers have to wear suits and ties - and primary school kids!