Monday, 4 November 2013


It has been grey for a couple of weeks now, but this morning has hit a new level of grey-ness. The rain has flooded the fields, the fox has been at our bins creating unnecessary work at seven o'clock this morning, the grey cat pissed outside its litter tray (again) and the kids are getting dressed into their winter grey uniforms - which they will emerge from once again in the summer.

Tell me what is good about this time of year. My heart feels grey and heavy knowing that this weather is here until May. Some call me a dreamer, always plotting ways out of this heaviness, but if you have to live seven months of the year in grey it is no surprise really.


  1. Oh no! Don't be glum. I love this time of year. Yes there is greyness but there is also crisp, blue mornings. Sharp fresh air filling your lungs. Sunday afternoon walks tramping through glorious coloured woods, racing to get home before the golden light disappears. Plus fireworks and halloween and Christmas just peeking over the horizon. It is a great time of year. In fact it was our anniversary a couple of days ago because I always wanted to get married in Autumn. Sounds like you had a bad morning but don't despair, there is beauty in the colder months. (although I do hate February!)

  2. Awww, thanks Hazel! Nice to hear from you. It happens every year, kind of takes me by surprise that winter is on its way. As it happens, today has turned out to be glorious, who'd have thought it?!