Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Travel jabs

It almost put me off going to India, the travel vaccinations. They are only 5 and 8 years old my girls and the injections were a really frightening thought for them. There is no getting round it, jabs aren't nice, even I tense and have to use all my labour/relaxation skills to get through the part when you can feel the liquid going in. Ughhh. Sorry if I have put you off your food.

But bless those brave little beans of mine, they did it and without tears too. Here's how (for anyone needing to take children for any sort of vaccination):

1. Don't tell them when the appointment is - I gave them a vague idea when it would be happening - a couple of weeks before the holiday- but I didn't tell them on the day.

2. Use Emla cream - I had never heard of it either - but it is magic. It anaesthetises the spot where the needle goes in, apparently they feel pressure but no pain.

3. Give them glucose with the Emla cream - mine had theirs in the form of chocolate, lots of it. There is study you can read here why it works.

4. Take their favourite toy. Of course A took Flumpy and P took Sizzles.

5. Let them sit on your lap and cuddle and kiss them as it happens.

6. Suggest that they take a deep breath in and then sigh out slowly.

7. Give them permission to cry - being brave doesn't mean not crying.

8. More chocolate afterwards, a good dose of cbeebies on the sofa and a great big hug - avoiding tender arms of course.

Well done girlies - only 18 more sleeps to go!

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