Friday, 4 April 2014

One more sleep

I can hardly believe it is here. That's the funny thing about time, it comes, it goes, in the way it always has. Tomorrow we are going to India. We have hardly had time to discuss it and imagine what it will be like, India has just sort of crept up on us and this weekend we will be there. I've read a little in the Lonely Planet guide, checked out the accommodation on Trip Advisor, asked the agent if there are any horses I can ride (there aren't) and I am nearly there with the organisation and packing.

He is looking forward to a rest, some time away from the rigours and pressures of his work. And then I reminded him about India and quoted to him what someone said to me this week, worried there might not be too much time chilling.

"Ah, yes, India. You are never alone in India!"

Well, best get right in there then and soak up every last minute.

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