Thursday, 30 April 2015

Er, I just bought a pony

I didn't mean to, it just sort of happened. One minute he was staring out of a friends Facebook feed and the next he was in the garden, mowing the lawn. In fact he was cheaper than a lawnmower.

His name is Dexter. He is five. He has a huge floppy fringe which hide knowing and friendly eyes. His muzzle fits neatly into my hand and his ears are always alert, looking for people to play with. His feet are the size of dainty saucers and his bony legs feel like they may just snap. Dexter is not very big at all but he will be perfect for P and A. 

He was half the price of an iPad and will cost less to keep a month than the cats, but I still feel the weight of responsibility that I er, just bought a pony.


  1. Well how utterly adorable. Delgihted you have a pony. Shall come visit with many packets of polos. Love Linds x

    1. He's so gorgeous isn't he? No polo's allowed though as he has a tendency to nip! Great big ginger Fletch will hoover them up though. Come and see us soon xxx