Monday, 4 July 2016

Last ride

We are experiencing a lot of 'lasts' as you can imagine. Saying goodbye to people and places, remembering the good times together and making plans for the future.

I think it was best I didn't tell the children that this was the last ride on their ponies. We will see them one more time for a cuddle and some carrots, but by then all our stuff will be on its way to Mallorca.

We will find other ponies on the island and Dexter and Louis will find new riders to teach. But it will be such a wrench, they have taught the girls so much and given me so much to smile about. Thank you, you cheeky ponies for enabling the kids to become confident little jockeys - and thank you for their last ride - you were both magnificent.

6 days to go

Louis putting up with A practising her aewo-dynamics!


  1. You will make jockeys of them yet. Amazing progress, well done ALL.

    1. This is only the beginning.....!