Friday, 16 November 2012

Just one

A is off sick today. She's kind of sick and kind of not, she keeps sleeping, coughing, looks pale and wan. She didn't want to go to school which is very unusual for her so we hung out together and watched David Attenborough on the ipad. We saw male frogs giving birth to their young through their mouth and learnt that olms are as old as the dinosaurs and have no eyes at all. It's been an educational sort of morning for us both.


An olm

A is curled up on the sofa having her third sleep of the day after refusing even to eat chocolate, it got me thinking what it would be like to only have one child as I stroked her hair and hot forehead. I am not at all saying I would like just one child - but I can imagine how very different life would be, a more intense relationship perhaps. I often think what it would be like to have three children and even four, or what it would be like to have boys instead of girls, or a mixture of both.

I have loved being with A all alone today, not Love Bombing but spending quality time, talking and answering some very good questions of hers. When it's just one, I feel like I get to know my daughter better; her personality, her knowledge and what gives her a buzz - even when she is ill.

Today has just reminded me again of how important it is to spend time with one child at a time and how much we both get out of it. Get well soon A, but thank you for being poorly today.


  1. My eldest had a day off at the end of last term. I forget what was wrong but nothing too serious. We ended up having a really good chat and she got lots of little things off her chest that had been worrying her - unbeknownst to me. One to one time really is important.

  2. Ahhhh.

    I must remember to make the time when they are both fighting and vying for my attention.

    Cheers for commenting!

  3. Hope A is feeling better now. I try a few times during the year and take my offspring out individually, just so I can really have the time to talk and listen to them. They really enjoy it and now my Mum does a Grandma day with them individually as well.

  4. Ah, thank you, she's back to school tomorrow. It was a long nasty illness of 7 days in the end. It's lovely to have the one to one, sometimes not even talking - just being together. I like the idea of Granny days too, I think both the Grannies would love that.

    Thanks for commenting!