Sunday, 16 December 2012

A Christmassy sort of weekend

It's been nothing short of magical this weekend, full of Christmas and surprises. A sort of antithesis to a previous post about not being very keen on Christmas at all.

A Christmas tree was purchased at Catsfield Christmas tree farm where we took our time choosing the loveliest tree. I've never really looked critically at Chritmas trees before, but because he was with me I got to appreciate the pros and cons of various heights, shapes and types of trees. Ours is almost prefect; for perfect doesn't and shouldn't exist in nature. It is a long, thin, triangular tree, exactly the sort you would draw if you were five years old. It looks as though it should have real candles alight at regular intervals on the outside branches, instead of LED lights and a ton of dangly things. And on the way home, all squashed in the car with a child illegally on my lap (the Christmas tree took up most of the space) we discovered the dearest little farm shop - with fudge and carols and huge field mushrooms and a deli of jars so tempting.

In the afternoon I had a reunion of an antenatal class with six beautiful bouncing babies all dressed as snowmen, Santa, gnomes and elves. Adorable; even melted my hardened Scroogy heart.

Today we visited Hastings, my favourite town in the UK I think. A secret slowly being discovered full of junk shops, fish and chips, arty cafĂ©'s with waitresses with ever-so-slightly short bang fringes and crockery that's doesn't  and isn't supposed to match. The sea was roaring and the lights of the arcade alight and garish against the grey afternoon, with no one playing their beckoning games.

And then we visited Alistair Hendy's Christmas house. A Tudor house fully restored with detail so exquisite and enchanting. Large tin baths, hidden beds in the walls, log fires in every room and the smell of spiced wine wafting from the basement kitchen. Traditional Christmas decorations of gingerbread and pretzels tastefully adorned the dressers and tables.

Tonight I decided it was time to unpack all the presents and see what I have left to do - the answer is nothing! All the little bits and bobs collected throughout the year from vintage finds to Indian trash, from homemade chutney to ....well I better not say any more as I'll give the game away.


  1. I used to live in Hastings! It wasn't so great in my day though very rundown although it had some up and coming areas. I used to live up near the West Hill but I do so miss the 5 minute walk from my house to the top of West Hill and seeing that amazing view spread out in front of you and then a little meander down into the Old Town. *sigh*

  2. It is run down in many parts, but I like that British seaside feeling. I love the distinguished fisherman's tall black huts where they hang their nets, the gaudy amusements and arty-farty shops. I especially like it when there is hardly anyone there and its blowing a gale off the sea!

  3. That was the time we loved it best, when all the tourists had departed and only the locals remained! Those 'smoking' huts are very special they are something like the only few remaining traditional smokers in the country.

  4. Oh I read about the Christmas House recently - it sounds wonderful. Lucky to get to visit.

  5. Hi RJ, Merry Christmas to you and your family! Christmas house was sensational,even the kids found it enchanting - although my heart was in my mouth as they galloped around the rooms and nearly fell into fires/knocked over artefacts! x