Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas crackers

Christmas is crackers, so are Christmas crackers.

The Christmas crackers were a real stumbling block this year. We prepared and shopped and cooked and shopped, braving the supermarket twice by myself while the children threw up the norovirus at home. We shopped some more, and then a little bit more and then went out at the last minute to buy ginger ale just-in-case someone fancied a whiskey and ginger - they didn't. But the crackers were impossible to buy.

We had 11 for Christmas day - so do you go for the dirt cheap ones? (which look like, errr dirt cheap) - or do you buy a slightly more luxury version which have 'better quality' gifts. To be honest I wanted to skip the whole Christmas cracker thing altogether, it is 20 seconds of fun with a bunch of tat which litters the table afterwards, it goes against my thrifty nature. But there is something about Christmas which forces you to conform, you HAVE to have crackers at the dinner table.

I crumbled and bought some mini pink ones which were laughed out the house, so I had to go and buy some more - a red and gold variety in much better keeping with the Christmas theme. And of course they were all left strewn over the table afterwards.

Golf tees anyone? Mini screw diver set? Come on .....somebody must want the tiny plastic photo frame?


  1. What a refreshing blog you have going on here :-) I'm thrilled to have found you.
    I can empathise with plenty of what you've written about. Keep up the good work, and if you have a spare moment please do stop by my blog too :-)

    Erika xx

  2. Why thank you very much Erika! I certainly will have a look at yours ;-)

  3. This post made me laugh!
    I have the same dilemma every year. This year I left it until 2 days before Christmas when there was virtually nothing left. In the end I found the most amazing crackers in Tesco - not that amazing really but the kids had loads of fun with them. Sprout crackers! I highly recommend for next year.

    Great blog by the way, glad I've just stumbled across it x

  4. Sprout crackers? Do tell more...

    One year we made crackers, like a Secret Santa, and that was really fun, personalising the gift/joke and hat! Next year I am going left field. No tradition whatsoever....maybe a massive Indian banquet, or Middle East feast or perhaps a Caribbean show down....not a turkey, cracker or bowl of bread sauce in sight.

    Ahem. Cant believe Im talking about next year already.

    Thanks for reading. x