Thursday, 3 January 2013

Corfu dreaming

The sea is azure as you would expect from a Greek island. The beaches are pebbled and uncomfortable and sometimes hard to access. The surrounding flora is dotted with proud, dark Cypress trees and greener-than-you-would-imagine woodland. Gnarled olive groves with cruel and ugly faces entwined in the bark, which get more twisted with age, exist in the hills behind the coast. People still use donkeys, live in tumbling down villas or half-constructed new ones. Time is slow away from the resorts. In fact, Corfu is a really nice place.

I am being reminded of this while watching My family and other animals, the 1987 version, of Gerald Durrel as a little boy discovering the world of fauna on the idyllic island of Corfu in the 1930's.

It's utterly mesmeric, funny, charming and full of character. I bought it for A for Christmas, along with the book, as I knew she would giggle at the puppies called Widdle and Puke. I knew she would delight in the magenpies and Gerry's fascination with giant toads and ferocious hering gulls. And that's just what we have done these holidays, all snuggled up on the sofa together, dreaming of Corfu.

It very much makes me want to live abroad again.

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