Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Elephants and burglars

The children went back to school yesterday, always a sad day. They had had a nice holiday break (apart from a violent sickness bug) with lots of play and family. We went on country walks, watched wildlife programmes together and we taught A maths. I guess if the school isn't going to do it then we must take it upon ourselves - and what improvement she made and what new found confidence she has! While packing their school bags, PE kits, swimming stuff and packed lunches, I asked the girls what they had for Christmas, sure that the teachers would ask. With a little prompting they could name some of their favourite gifts.

I volunteer to read with the Reception kids every other week, it not only allows me to help the school out but gives me a chance to ear wig on what is happening in the classroom. The teacher predictably asked the little ones what they received for Christmas - waiting their turn to speak, each child described a fairy castle,  a DS, a mini ipad.....and then I heard the whole class laugh when P had her turn. She told them she had a burglar for Christmas.

"What an unusual present P, it had what? some tools and ropes to get into the house? well, now, now children, don't laugh at P - perhaps you would like to bring it in P and show everyone!" the teacher commented.

Oh. My. Goodness. The school already thinks we are left-field, gobby, atheists - now we are encouraging burglary.

"Darling, did your teacher ask you what you received for Christmas this year?" I asked A when the school day was over.

"Yeah, so-and-so got an ipad, and someone got a car and someone else went to actual-real-Lapland!" A exclaimed excitedly.

"What did you tell the class you had?" thinking of a number of suitable presents she could've shared.

"Elephants on a string!"

Stingy, Christmas-hating, thieving, left-field, gobby, atheists!

We are doing so well to fit in.


  1. I'm intrigued as to what they both meant?!

  2. Erm, I'm afraid they both received exactly the presents in the pictures above...I blame Father Christmas. Of course, I bought them really GREAT presents but they don't seem to remember them ;-)

    Next year (jeez, Im talking about next year again) - I will buy the kids normal gifts, or at least try to!

  3. I dig the elephants....the burglar is utterly bonkers.

  4. I thought P could have fun trying to burgle the dolls house - we have books called 'Burglar Bill' and 'Cops and Robbers' which she loves.... there was some method there somewhere...