Thursday, 14 March 2013

Spotty biscuits

It's been a bit of a week down here in Sussex, what with all the snow and chaos. Tuesday was so bad that we had snow drifts and cars were abandoned on the sides of the road while commuters struggled to get home. I am pleased to say that the local farmer even brought his lambs indoors so they were out of the elements, I could sleep at night knowing that - soppy bugger that I am.

Predictably the children had a day off school, thankfully I wasn't working so we all had a home day, a snow day. They drove each other mad, bounced off the walls and needed constant entertaining. It was time to attempt cooking - I hate cooking, it's not fun - it's a necessary chore. The kids, however absolutely love it. And I loved it as a child as well, standing on a stool at the cooker to make flapjacks. I remember loving watching the butter as it melted and stirring it with a wooden spoon before adding the syrup and rolled oats. Mum was always there, baking something or other with radio 2 droning in the background. Happy rainy days. It wasn't fair to deprive the girls of the same experience.

The problem is is that I am utterly crap at baking - remember these? But these dotty cookies came out a treat.

Not only did they look good, they tasted good and there was enough little stages in the making process for both children to have a go. The kids were both shocked and delighted, shocked that something actually 'worked' and delighted they tasted nice. And I felt a teeny bit proud as well.

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