Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Spring has sprung

The daffodils have all opened at once and the windowsills are singing of Spring. Strangers are smiling and motorists slow down to pass a field of freshly born lambs who know no different, the sun being as it should on their little woolly backs. The air smells of warmth and promise and being cooped-up inside feels like a prison. If you look closely in the garden, new shoots emerge from sleepy perennials, keen to see the light and begin their journey to showy colourful flowers. Spring is on its way and I have never been so grateful, I think everyone feels the same this year. The winter has been difficult and harsh, wet like no other and depressing in its relentlessness. Dare we start to get excited for the months ahead?


  1. Lucky you. Still no daffodils here! Who can fail to have their spirits lifted by the wonderful, warm spring sunshine. Hopefully we'll see some more of it soon!

  2. Spring, my favourite season. Although it is grey and raining here again, I can smell Spring in the air. All the new shoots I see emerging lift my spirits no end :)

  3. I spoke a little too soon, pouring with rain and misty but....9C which is tropical compared to how its been!