Monday, 17 June 2013

Fish keeping

I'm not being funny, right, but looking after a goldfish is blooming hard work. Every week we seem to have a near-death. Bubble is now almost one year old and I think I have done very well indeed to get this far - even the pet shop owner seemed to think so.

"Muuuuuuuum, I think Bubble is dead!" screams A, not with too much emotion in her voice though. A sort of matter-of-fact scream, like we have been here before.

I take a look at Bubble lying upside down among the plants completely still and he certainly looks very poorly. A splash on the surface of the water soon sees him right and I am reminded it is Monday, fish tank cleaning day. He is very sensitive this fish, if his water parameters are wrong he lets me know by playing dead on the bottom, swimming on his side, lying upside down or gasping for air at the surface. I have spent a few hours on fish forums trying to work out how best to look after him and boy, what riveting places fish forums are.

But he is our fish, and we have a duty to look after him well. That included a £25 trip to the pet shop recently for his ammonia testing kit, his water conditioner, some new plants and stuff to put in his filter. And I think he really appreciates it - we have a little bond growing, Bubble and me.

Upside down playing-dead goldfish


  1. OK, after a wee look on the Internet it seems Bubble is either now constipated or has swim bladder - I have been advised to cook and shell some peas for him!

  2. Hello Sarah, your fish looks really nice! Yes it is definitely worth buying a test kit even if they are expensive, if you need any more advice visit my YouTube channel, I am TheFishTeam or look at my website

  3. Poor Bubble! We picked up an aquarium kit and a little Fluval tank and filled it with neon tetras - I definitely think that having the tank is great for the kids.. until it's time to clean it then it's your responsibility!

  4. Thanks for reading LauraLou! Bubble is in fine form at present, I seem to have got the hang of it for the moment!

  5. I am very interested in Hydroponics. You somehow have this mini-ecosystem growing food in your house. The plant roots in the water feed the fish, the plants eat the fish poo, you eat the plants AND the fish. Does anyone know of any schools in San Francisco that teach classes about hobby of fish keeping?