Friday, 14 February 2014

Friday niceness

"Mummy......" said A with the intonation going up long and gradually at the end.

"Yes A?" I answered putting the car into reverse, hazard lights on, heater and headlights on full blast ready for the school run.

"I wish that there was peace in the world, I mean all over the world and that there was no war. I wish there were no nasty people who do war. And I wish that it was warm everyday with just a little bit of rain so that the plants would grow."

"What a lovely wish A, you'll have to wish that next time you blow your candles out or break a wishbone with your little finger!" I replied, glowing with pride inside.

"And I also wish that people never got ill and they felt well all the time," she said specifically at P who was looking rather forlorn in her ladybird onesie about to have another sick-day off school.

"And if no one was ill there would be no nits. Yeahhhh! I wish there were no nits in the world Mummy!" she exclaimed and continued to look out of the car, day dreaming off into the distance, following the raindrops down the window with her fingers.

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