Friday, 21 February 2014

Half term horsiness

"Where's the hoof pick A?" I heard P ask her sister. 

"I need to muck out Daisy's stable, you brush her tail first though!" I hear about half an hour later. They are having fun with Daisy the pony today, even though Daisy is made of fur and has two rockers instead of four legs. I believe the ponies may be getting under their skin a little.

Half term week has given us a reprieve in the weather. It is fair to say that we have got wet a number of times but have been lucky to see the sun as well. Yesterday afternoon was particularly brilliant, in its sunshine and the experience, for the girls had a go at a gymkhana at their local riding school. The games consisted of a ride and run, a potato race, a dressing up race and a balancing ball race. I was thrown back into my childhood remembering how I would drag my pony to the finishing line, grinning aimlessly just hoping for a shiny, ribboned rosette. And once the girls got the idea of racing for rosettes, the determination was intense.

"C'mooooooon P!" I shouted, "Run, run run!" I jumped up and down, giggling and slightly concerned at the same time, as they have only had three riding lessons.

A's face had pure grit written all over it. That rosette was going to be hers, and I have never seen her so proud of her achievements.

"Mummmmmmmyyyy? Do you think we could get a pony one day?" she asked in the car on the way home.

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