Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Elderflower Fields

"This is the worst idea ever - I hate festivals, I hate this country. We should be in a festival in India!" wailed P. I had to agree with her, this was a bit shit as we all huddled under the tiny roof of the main stage for shelter.

The rain started dramatically just as we were contemplating lunch, a quick scrabble to put everything into a bag, collect the picnic rugs and chairs and run.

"I hate falafel. I don't like that sauce. It's raining. I'm coooooold!" whined P with mud all over her second pair of jeans of the day and her hair matted in a 24 hour old dreadlocks. She looked a right festi-kid and I felt a tinge of pride.

"Just eat your falafel," I said through gritted teeth as the rain continued its downpour and the next band was setting up to play.

A festival weekend in May will always be a challenge - a weekend to round up his birthday, a three day family extravaganza of music, face painting, henna tattoo's, festival food and warm tins of beer. And once the rain had passed and the mojito's had kicked in I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Girls who watch boys

Bacon and bell tents

And the sun shone


  1. A magical weekend. Shame about the rain but there we go. We are in England, and the gorgeous landscape a their great new site wouldn't be so stunning if we didn't get a fair amount of British weather on it.
    Anyway, just think how dusty it would be if we were in India?!

    1. It really was lovely, thought it one of the nicest festivals I've been to and will deffo go next year! Rain and mud just part of it, don't think I've ever been to a completely dry one! Thanks for commenting.