Thursday, 22 May 2014

His 40th

Cor blimey does he know how to have a birthday. Not one but three celebrations, I'm pooped and the last one is not yet done...a three day festival probably in the rain. Oooh yay!

To be fair, approaching 40 is no easy feat. I did my share of mind-searching, soul-searching and had plenty of might-as-well-do-it-now-before-I-die moments. A big birthday makes you assess your life and for some, celebrate it lots.

We had an evening of comedy with old friends and new, at the Banana Cabaret in Balham, always a laugh with pints of lager and a bit of leery jeering when you can. As soon as the last comedian had walked off the stage an 80's disco ensues complete with a glitter ball and 'Love Shack' by the B52's. And a bit of Michael Jackson. I think I danced to that on Saturday night. And did some karaoke to Elton John, ate a burger and drank our mates cocktail cabinet dry. Panic set in at 5am, the kids were to be up in an hour - it's funny how the last men standing didn't have kids or Sunday lunch with Grandparents arranged. Ouch. But we did it, pulled an all-nighter at 40.

On his actual actual birthday we went up to Lahndan Town, drank takeaway coffees and sat in deck chairs in Hyde Park. We watched the ducks and discussed peoples outfits waiting for our lunch appointment. Lunch at Dinner. Very nice it was too, champagne to start and a gourmet delight. I tried not to keep thinking that the lunch cost more than our weeks food shopping but once I had thought that pesky little thought it kept popping into my brain reminding me all through lunch - I tried to squash it with the tastes, flavours and the celebration of the day. More than a weeks shopping, good grief.

We took the number 9 to Covent Garden and did some pissed shopping.

And then drank an organic detoxifying juice to sober up.

Then I was hungry so we went to Yo! Sushi - all class - and watched some C List Clebs get papped while smoking fags outside a club.

We watched The Book of Mormon and laughed a bit, and clapped and cheered to the campest musical in town. And then watched the opera on a huge screen in Trafalgar Square before catching the last train home to the countryside - all shattered from his big and wonderful day out. I lay my head to rest on his shoulder on the journey home, reliving the day and feeling very pleased about my choice of life long partner - I love you very much my Babs and am very much looking forward to the next 40 years adventuring together.

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