Tuesday, 18 November 2014


The leaflet was advertising a school jumble sale, asking people to donate items and clear out their unwanted goods - just in time for Christmas. Get rid of stuff to make more room for more stuff. When we were at the dump last weekend taking garden waste and clearing out the rubbish from our shed, I was genuinely shocked at what people were throwing away. Mountains of stuff being dumped. Plastic crap being chucked only to be replaced by more plastic crap at Christmas.

Doesn't make sense. We know it can't be like this forever. I'm going to think about Christmas even harder this year to buy ethically, environmentally, home-made and recycled where possible.


  1. Check out the Silent Seas report in www.MCs UK.org.

    1. Thank you - have had a look - love the quote:
      " I don’t think anybody can fail to have an
      emotional response to the oceans.
      It’s imperative that we continue to look after
      our seas.
      If we do so they will continue to provide
      the oxygen that we breathe and food for
      us to eat, but perhaps more importantly
      they will remain a source of fascination and
      excitement for generations to come."