Sunday, 22 March 2015

An adventure

I'm a sucker for a cute cat video or of kids singing along in the car with their parents, or clips of guilty dogs and babies giggling. I could spend hours on YouTube, roaming from one animal video to a birth clip to a political statement. One time I found myself watching a video of blackheads - but we won't go there.

The best video this week by far was of Hessu, an older Finnish gentleman, and his pony Rosebud. It has moved me many times for I have watched it a lot this week, while nursing my sick daughter and my poorly self. Hessu is a softly spoken man who discovers a love of horses later on in life, he touched a pony for the first time as he lead his daughters while they learnt to ride - "Since then, it just got worse" he lilts, I hear a smile in his voice but unable to understand the language. Is it possible to have a horse because you would like to, to go places on, to have adventures with?

Please watch An Adventure by Ella Kiviniemi - it might move you, it might make you think about adventure and what that means, it might make you believe you could do something you thought was impossible. It might also want to make you gallop towards the horizon, because you can.

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