Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Ibiza heaven

I'm still radiating with the after-glow which was Ibiza. A heavenly week, surreal in its timings - as though it never happened but one we would never forget. A six day party which added ten years to my skin but took twenty off my age, it boosted my heart with more love and ignited my soul. Six days of meeting colourful people, interesting lives, glamour and seediness, peace and light.

Without the kids.

Uh huh.

No kids.

(God love em.)

I went to Ibiza and partied like an 18 year old for 6 days and 6 nights. We felt like rock stars, celestial beings, invincible and untouchable. Love and laughter surrounded us, sunshine and sunsets, rainbow pools, hands-in-the-air tunes, beach bars and white bikinis. I know, even the silver false eyelashes made an appearance and he sprayed his hair with glitter and stayed up till 8 - the next morning.

I may be a mama, I may live in Sussex, I may ride horses and teach antenatal classes. I may do the school run looking like I've just run through the muck heap. I may drive a clapped out Astra. I may make two dinners every night, clean the loos, deal with the homework, soothe the cries, kiss the wounds and go to bed every night before ten, exhausted.

But for 6 days only, I left it all behind and found freedom in heaven that was Ibiza.


  1. What a gorgeous post - Bless you. Feeling a bit weighed under by all the Mama stuff myself at the moment so lovely to think of you with the wind in your hair, free and dancing. xx Linds

    1. Oh Linds - it should be on prescription - a week off from the children every year - free to dance..I feel a million dollars!

  2. Sounds wonderful! I am insanely excited as going to Lisbon tomorrow for 4 days with my 4 best friends (and without kids or husbands). Bliss. Already planning Istanbul next year........

    1. Have an amazing time Jaana - it certainly did me so much good - although I have crash landed back to the routine now. Istanbul is on on our list as well...with or without the kids