Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Inset day

We love an inset day, an 'insect day' P used to call them. A completely free day off, thank you very much - and at least I was prepared for it this time - I missed the last one entirely as I had booked work in all day, missing the chance to be with my kids and have adventures. But this one we were all looking forward to, a three day weekend, the start of summer, a taster of the six glorious weeks and it didn't disappoint.

We played with ponies, we ran about the fields, we had lunch in a local garden centre and played on the swing and slide, we caught up with long lost local friends, we bought a plant, we washed Freddie and ran about the forest.

And exhausted by the wondrousness of it all - we stopped off in Londis for some crap crisps. The perfect end to a perfectly free day, three packets of crisps for 70p - Space Raiders and Transformers, the most satisfying snack on the planet.

Lunch among the foxgloves and emerging alliums

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