Monday, 6 July 2015

Brightling Park Horse Trials

We had such a great day at Brightling Horse Trials yesterday. We were all supposed to go as a family, enjoy a picnic and perhaps a beer or two but the day unfortunately started with rain, which put him and P off entirely. So as they went to the pub for a roast, A and I donned our waterproofs and wellies for a day of thrilling riding and the most beautiful English countryside.

Looking at the spectacular view over Brightling Park towards the sea, was a blanket of emerald fields, divided neatly with dark green hedges and dotted with follies. As the rains and the mists lifted the colours of the English summer shimmered with fertility and beauty - this was the Land of Hope and Glory, England my England, a Green and Pleasant Land. Not one to normally feel a great amount of national pride, I did yesterday. There's nowhere quite like Sussex on a glorious English summers day - and to top it off with horses and my pony-mad daughter, it was a day to make my heart swell. I felt well and truly blessed.

We watched the bravest riders and and the most courageous horses, we measured the size of the jumps compared to ourselves and we 'ooohed' and 'ahhhed' at their enormity. I wondered if I could do it, imagining myself up there flying the jumps, galloping along to the cheering crowd. I was completely and utterly inspired and will be entering a competition soon, bigger and bolder than anything I have ever done before.

This morning I woke up sweating with nerves and anticipation, having dreamt of riding cross country all night. 

I can't wait. I'm so scared. I love it. It terrifies me. I am so excited I am counting down the days. 

Pippa Funnel

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