Friday, 31 July 2015

Time for the off

We are lucky to be going on holiday again. Lucky to be going away at the exact time we need it. He is like a coiled spring and my head is so full of work, kids, health, house repairs, horses and the everyday - we need a little break.

We are all off to Romania to walk with donkeys.

We will walk in the Carpathian Mountains, with donkeys carrying our basic needs, up to 20km a day, trundling from farmhouse to farmhouse. There may be bears, there may be fierce mountain dogs protecting their sheep, there may be blisters and moaning, there may be hunger and winging but there will be space.

There will space to stretch our eyes, silence only for nature, walking with purpose to exercise those tired cramped muscles, there will be a mind able to wander, to glory in the now. From farmhouse to farmhouse, walking with donkeys, for 12 whole days with nearly nothing in my head.

See you on our return xx

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