Thursday, 19 April 2012


Really, I am bored. I know I shouldn't say it, boredom was a swear word in our house when I was growing up, but I have nothing to do. Yes I know I could clean the cooker or something, but really, come on. Trouble is, my big girl A (age 6) is at school and P (age 3) is at pre-school, its tipping down with rain and I only have 2 hours of paid work this week. Its pretty dire here in the winter (I know, I know its not winter and yes I know we need this rain).Oh how I remember the days when I longed for a bit of freedom, that hideous phrase 'me-time'. Its just a taster of things to come when P starts primary school in September - what the hell am I going to do? Yes I have a job, I work part-time mostly at the weekends but what about the rest of the time? The whole career/job/childcare is a nightmare which no-one really prepares you for. To go back to work or not after having a baby, to drop to part time hours? A brilliant debate on the whole conundrum on Womans Hour:

I feel like I'm about to enter a new phase, the breastfeeding, nappy changing, mush-making days are over, my role as a mother has changed, I'm not needed on a 24 hour basis, and while I embrace this change I am flummoxed at how to best use this time. Maternity care assistant. horticulture, riding instructor, writer, its like being back at school and choosing your career all over again.

So I need a job which is term-time only, Monday to Friday which finishes about 2.30 so I can pick the kids up, anyone any idea's?

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