Sunday, 22 April 2012

Wild garlic pesto

Look at all this free food. Jars and jars of pesto just growing there waiting to be whizzed up with a drop of olive oil and some parmesan. This is our garlic woods (well not actually ours, but we have named them - so feel as though we can lay some sort of claim) and for the last 4 years I have lived here, I have never actually got round to making the pesto. We regularly drive past the woods, wind down the windows in Spring and scream 'GARLIC WOODS' while taking in great nose-fulls of the pungency. This always provides much joy to A and P, and to me, but this year we actually went a-collecting... Boy its good. Bright green from those young spring leaves, incredibly strong tasting and so satisfying that I made it.

You see, this is not going to be a blog of Cath Kidston / Country Living smugness. I don't make cup cakes, wear a pinny or enjoy bunting. That's why these jars of pesto are so wildly exciting. I nicked the recipe from Hugh (the Fernly-Whitting whatsit variety) and it goes something like this:

Some wild garlic - take off the stalks
Olive oil
Parmesan or good hard cheddar/goats cheese
pinch of salt
tiny bit of sugar

Put in a food processor and whizz, place in sterilzed jars (ie put in the oven for a while) and pour a little oil on the top. Job done.

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