Friday, 26 October 2012

Dressing up

I have just sent the Cat in the Hat and Katie Morag to school. When they arrived in the playground who should be there but Harry Potter ( x5), Winnie the Witch, Jeremy Fisher, Ben 10, Pippy Longstocking and even a fantastic Fantastic Mr Fox. Today was dress-as your-favourite-book-character day and the children loved it.

What is it about dressing up? Kids adore it, a chance to be make-believe and especially at our house, we have a fairly good selection of tails, ears, wands, fire fighter jackets, tutu's, sparkly shoes and masks. When a child comes for tea they are down to their pants within seconds and the whole dressing up box is strewn all over the bedroom floor.

Adults love it too, look at Pirate day in July where 15, 000 pirates descended on Hastings.Young, old and even animal pirates all took the role very seriously arrrrrring as often as they could get away with. And you should have seen the 5000 zombies in Brighton, hilarious and utterly terrifying, creative and incredible. A predictably hid herself in my coat peeping through occasionally and had nightmares that night, while P squealed with delight and horror, the more gory the better.

This month we have two occasions to be someone else. A 'historical figures' 40th party - I cant tell you who he is going as, other than to say it is quite brilliant, but who am I?

....and I am considering releasing my inner tart and going as Adriana for a Soprano's dinner party.


With Halloween around the corner, the shops are busy selling face paints, cobwebs, fake blood and the supermarkets encouraging BOGOF on the pumpkins - love it or hate it, the USA has sent us their big tradition of getting dressed up for Halloween. 

Bring it on we say in our house.


  1. I love Halloween. Preperations began last week, my eldest duaghter made a brilliant bat mobile and the youngest did the scariest pumpkin picture I have ever seen. Really! The pumpkin is carved, the lanterns are ready and the paint is drying on the devil's pitchfork. Excellent fun to be had! By the way I have to say I really enjoy reading your blog, mine has been quiet for while,(the camping thing is fairly seasonal)and so I have been spending much less time in the blogosphere but I still come back to check what you've been writing.

  2. Ah thank you for the lovely comment. I was thinking of you today as I am in Somerset visiting my mum and we headed off to a deserted beach in the wind and rain, totally magical - called Shurton. Oh for the summer days of camping! I have signed up for your email so when you are back under canvas and blogging I'll be there following your adventures!

  3. Why are pirates called pirates? Because they aaaaarrrrr. That's my kids' favourite at the moment...

    My boy HATES dressing up - he was almost phobic about it when he was smaller, but book day at school is the one thing that will now tempt him into something approximating fancy dress - for a few years we had to compromise so he would go as James out of James and the Giant Peach (dressed as - a boy) of Henry as in Horrid Henry dressed as - a boy. But this year, he's going to be Captain Haddick, in a jumper my mum has knitted with a detacheable anchor in case he gets freaked out by being somebody else...

  4. Oh BLESS him, that's so cute. I guess we are all a bunch of inner-thesps in our house but totally understand people who shy away from dressing up. Nice to hear from you Recipe Junkie!