Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I fell off

OK it wasn't quite as dramatic as this...but it bloody felt like it.

I ride other peoples horses for them, when they are too busy or they can't because they broke a wrist from falling off a horse. It's totally mental this addiction to horses, their crazy and unpredictable ways are not something most people are attracted to. But the ones who do like horses say it is like a disease, it doesn't leave you - it's in your blood.

So I got bucked off today. I sat the first one quite well although I was a little dislodged. She was spooked by all the noise and tractors working next to the sand school and the mare I was on leapt in the air, kicked her back legs out and on the third and final buck I hit the ground. There is this moment when you know you are going to fall off and it feels like you are in slow-motion before the thud of the ribs on hard wet sand, and a clonk of the riding hat that you are so very grateful for. 

So what did I do? Got straight back on of course!


  1. Well done from an old Horse guy in Va. USA Thats all you can do or you will never forgive yourself:) Sorry about the fall.God Bless you and Yours :) Greyson inVa USA Greysteelknight@gmail.com

  2. Thanks for you kind words! I am properly addicted to horses, 32 years of riding, falling off is just part of the game but I bounce less these days!