Monday, 8 October 2012

Sunday nights and grey Monday mornings

The weekend is over. I slept easy knowing that the children had one decent meal yesterday, they had clean sheets, washed and conditioned hair, packed lunch boxes, swimming kit sorted and homework completed. The Sunday night ordeal was over before the hideousness that is Monday morning.

Monday greeted me with the cat who pee'd out of it's litter tray - on purpose. P has not stopped whining over important issues like blobs at the end of her tights, slippers whose velcro doesn't work and I'm already tired from her waking me up three times because her bed was messy. It wasn't. A has this cough which is small and dry and constant. And irritating. Oh Monday mornings, it's not your fault, or the children's - it is mine.

Looking out of the window, across the patchwork-quilt fields and rolling hills I have taken a moment to lose myself in nature - from the relative warmth of the indoors. A slice of bright neon sun emerged in between the heavy clouds. A gaggle of geese flew across my path, necks out-stretched keen to arrive at their destination. The borage is still a vivid blue, providing a splash of colour in an otherwise weedy garden. For a moment I forgot about the jobs, the mundane and the routine.

Thank you world for waking up today, and for me and my children waking up too. I am going to seize you Monday-morning and squeeze all the joy out of you, because I know you have some - somewhere.

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