Monday, 25 February 2013


We have found a little retreat for rainy day activities, a pottery painting place on the edge of a pretty fishing lake. I've been meaning to try it for ages and ages and finally got round to a visit on A's birthday, where 8 little girls happily painted pots and plates for a couple of hours. Easiest party ever.

On a return visit, on a particularly freezing and miserable halt term day, the kids wanted to try decopatch. Well, what a weird activity. You first choose an animal at great cost and then tear up little bits of paper (at great cost) and stick them on. The effect I have to admit was quite good and we came away three hours later with a patchwork elephant and a patchwork donkey. Three hours I tell you, three hours to stick bits of tissue on a cardboard animal.

P informed me 10 minutes into the craft that she didn't like glue, that it was sticky so I spent the next 2 hours and 50 minutes sticking and gluing for her. And came home £23 lighter for it. Blimey.

That night, while enjoying a particularly nice red and a good comedy, great sobs and heaves and frightened tears entered the lounge. A was very upset, another nightmare?

"I had a dream that I started the decopatch and ran...out of....paper!" A cried, big salty tears falling down her cheeks.

"Oh my goodness darling, that must have been the scariest dream ever!" I consoled her forcing my tongue out of my cheek. 


  1. I know, dreams are so real aren't they? May nothing more than running out of decopatch paper scare her in the middle of the night..!