Friday, 1 February 2013

The grimmest time of year

February the first. I feel I should be celebrating as we are rid of January - but February, boy that needs a large, deep, nourishing breath to face up to these next twenty eight days.

And having inhaled nice and deeply, my shoulders have dropped and I am ready to be positive about our harshest, shortest month. So here goes, the things I like about February:

  1. All my family's birthdays fall in February. My mum's, dad's, sister's, daughter number one and a niece. 
  2. Snowdrops. And wood anemones.
  3. It's grim but over quickly.
  4. The nights are really getting longer - we can bike ride after school, or hike over the fields in wellies.
  5. Log fires.
  6. Stews, casseroles, pies and roasts. Although I start to yearn for steamed fish and salad about now.
  7. Seed buying and vegetable plotting - high allotment hopes this year.
  8. Half term.
  9. Fortieth birthday planning.

I can't think of a tenth reason to like February.


  1. Great list. I am usually climbing the walls towards the end of this month but I shall think like you and remind myself of all the nice things of February - my favourite being that Spring is just around the corner!

  2. Actually I lied. I fookin hate February, pass me the wine and wake me up in June ;-)