Monday, 15 April 2013

A poem rounding up the hols

What an amazing Spring break
this Easter holiday has been,
First we went to London
but not to see the queen

Mum and Dad needed a night out
a boozy meal without the kids,
followed by the cinema
drinking hot coffee with those lids!

Slightly sore heads the next day
we braved the underground
to see some fabulous butterflies
and a Lebanese cafe was also found.

A large family Easter lunch
and chocolate egg hunts galore
we all ate far too much
and passed out on the floor!

From city to country again
this time we travelled out west
to visit Granny and her dog
more wine put me to the test...

We all hiked over Exmoor,
pony rides and ice cream fun,
although it was blooming freezing
we did get to see the sun.

A long drive back to Sussex
and up to London again
for some antenatal work
and to see some long lost friends.

Finally we came home,
to Sussex where we stayed
I gardened, rode and cleaned the house
the children played and played.

A day out with Granny Cat
on the wild and windy shore
lunch out and chocolate cake
but the children wanting more.

What lucky, lucky children I have
to gallivant around the place
ending yesterday in glorious Brighton
another ice cream and sun on our face.

So back to school this morning
uniforms, packed lunches, homework too
not feeling down about it at all this time
'cos in two weeks we're in Corfu!

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