Thursday, 11 April 2013


I frequent our local town infrequently. I utterly and absolutely loath shopping, especially when it is an urgent matter like bras or jeans or kids shoes at the end of the school holidays. Today I needed all three, plus other bits and bobs that I'd been putting off for far too long. Living in the middle of nowhere and having no TV means I am blissfully unaware of what's out there, what I should look like and this removes any desire to acquire things.

I feel so bombarded when entering the town, advertising shoves young, flawless things in my face, not one type of bra but 648 (and try finding your size), rows and rows of clothes, shelves full of lipsticks and women so photo-shopped they are unrecognisable. I always start out positive and experience a slight elevation in adrenaline levels at the thought of spending some hard earned cash on some hole-free jeans. The reality sends me into a panic and I am shocked at the price of stuff. The choice is bewildering. So, much to his disappointment, I picked one black bra and one white - the 2 pack kind - tried on with half an eye on the job to avoid the rolls and wrinkles, and then paid and ran.

I didn't even start on the jeans, couldn't face the decision making - meaning I have to go back next week. Maybe a shot of gin before I start would take the edge off the situation.


  1. You and me both; can't stand shopping either. I ventured to the Metro Centre this week with daughter and needed a day to recover!!

    CJ x

  2. Why do we bother when there is Internet shopping? Apart from kids feet I suppose....argggghhhh there is no getting away with it. We have to go to town. Booooo.