Friday, 31 January 2014

Dry January

It's quite ironic that my dry January has been pretty goddamn wet, soaking in fact. No alcohol for 31 days is in fact a lie as I fell off the wagon last weekend for father-in-laws birthday and a little soiree with him the night before. I don't feel bad that I'd cheated, 29 days of not drinking is immense in my world.

Do I feel better for it?

I have to say the first 2 weeks were difficult, the weekends a bore and my head so stuffed with sinus pain that I didn't notice the benefits of no red wine. The habit of having a glass of wine while cooking dinner and discussing our days was annoying to break because I like doing that - I felt cross with dry January for a while. But this week has been good, I have genuinely forgotten wine-o-clock and have slept deeply and soundly which has only been punctuated with vivid dreams and the cat being sick.

I am looking forward to tonight, steak and red wine and chats about the week. Dare say my head will be slightly hurty tomorrow and my sleep fitful. I am hoping dry January has killed the regularity of the wine in my life, saving it only for the weekends. That a good day doesn't need to be celebrated with booze neither a bad day commiserated.

So cheers all, I swore I wouldn't, but see you in dry January next year!

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