Friday, 17 January 2014

Party bags

Party bags are a bit like Christmas crackers. Everyone loathes them but no one can quite leave them out of the celebrations. It's what you do. Children loiter at the end of parties waiting for their bag of gifts, a bunch of plastic toys, some bubbles, packets of sweets and a piece of birthday cake. Parents wonder what can go straight in the bin, the kids want to get the bubbles out in the car on the way home and leave half masticated Haribo's all over the back seat. Well no more party bags in this house.

It is darling A's 8th birthday in a couple of weeks. Eight years, please slow down life it really is going too fast. She would like to go bowling with her friends, have an elephant cake and eat party food. But what about the party bags? An elephant key ring? An elephant notebook? An elephant pencil and rubber combo? An elephant?

So that's what I have done, bought them all a foster elephant for the year. 12 little girls are now the foster family of Tundani, a rescue elephant in Kenya.

They will receive updates on his well being and how he is being re-introduced to the wild. They will feel ownership and hopefully pride that they are responsible for helping him as well as becoming aware of the plight of eles in East Africa. All round win situation I reckon.


  1. Such a lovely idea - I'll remember this for when my son is older!

    1. My daughter is most excited about this - you get monthly updates and can read what Tundani has been up to daily, from the keepers notes. We just love elephants in this family!