Thursday, 31 July 2014

40 positives

There's a meme going round on Facebook at the moment, I think it's called a meme, to write 3 positives daily for 5 days. No one has asked me to do it but here are my positives anyway, for the summer holidays so far:

1. Sun in the morning
2. Sun all day
3. Gorgeous sunny evenings
4. Glorious views over the Sussex countryside
5. A fabulous beach trip to Pett Level

6. Watching young seagulls being released by the RSPCA
7. Swimming in the sea
8. Taking the cousins riding on Ashdown Forest

9. Eating outside
10. Cherry picking
11. Pub lunch
12. Sleepovers
13. Tree climbing
14. Mud pie making
15. Picking our own salads nightly
16. Lizards
17. Freddie the shetland
18. Fletch being a total-utter-super-star
19. Chipmunks
20. Eton mess
21. The Black Mountains
22. Tawny owls calling at night and buzzards by day
23. Belly laughter with friends
24. Stinkhorn fungi finds
25. River swimming in icy cold welsh mountain water
26. Picnics with dogs

27. Hill walking
28. Raving to old skool toons
29. My cats are so fluffy and squidgy and gorgeous and purry
30. The garden looks ace
31. I've been exactly the same weight for 4 years and my blood pressure is low in my annual check up
32. Beautiful butterflies on budleias

33. Running across grassy fields
34. Really cold beer
35. Late nights and dirty toe nails
36. Chilli plants fruiting and not even in a greenhouse
37. Home made rhubarb crumble with home grown rhubarb
38. My bezzie's Hen Weekend
39. Spinning yarns with Dad and A
40. Selfies

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