Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Head lists

I must write a blog post, it's been too long. Probably should write a couple of articles as well. And look at my weekend course notes. I need to write a travel story and get published. I just need more money in general. God, I have to finish the neighbours garden before the weekend. Shit, I'm competing at the weekend, it's going to rain. I have to remember his studs, and my medical arm band. I hope I don't fall off. I really want to win. Or do well. Or just get round in one piece. I'm not sure I know my dressage test, will practice tomorrow. The house is a tip. Detritus everywhere from P's birthday. She has to write her thank-you's and I must pick up the cake tin from school. I should call the Grandparents. Actually I need to call the doctors, I'm going to do that now. Will pick up the prescription on Friday, actually am working Friday and then it's the teachers leaving party. Will pick up prescription next week. I must get the writing finished before the children break up. Gosh, need to buy teachers more presents, will have to be bottles of wine from Londis. P needs new shoes, tough, will have to wait. Need to hoover desperately. And clean the fish out, it laid eggs all over its tank this morning but has eaten them all now, least I know its a girl. I haven't prepared dinner. Picnic tea again, I should get off this computer, the garden really needs watering. Need to pick the tomatoes and dead-head the petunias. The floors need washing, the cat litter changing, the washing putting out. Shit, Im competing at the weekend, I had forgotten for 2 minutes. I need to pack my kit and clean his bridles. I need a gin. Better not, it's only 4.30pm. Wonder if he's coming home tonight, do I need to cook? Fish cakes I think. I am slack at everything, need to buck up my ideas and clear out the attic. And sell things on eBay. Did I put sun cream on the kids? Bugger, A has her maths homework left to do. Jeez. The cat just brought a lizard in. In two parts, it had a yellow belly. Revolting animals. Must flea them, they're overdue. I'm tired, need a coffee but just had a coke. Must be more healthy, am so unhealthy I will die soon if I don't get healthy. Don't be a dramatic old fart, just get healthy. The bathroom floor needs washing and shelves are thick with dust. The orchid is about to die, need to water all house plants. And recycle. I drink too much. Must get healthy. I will start tomorrow. Kids need attention, now. Eeeeek, I'm competing at the weekend and it's going to rain. I can't do it, I can do it, I can't wait, I'm so nervous, I'm so excited. I love riding.

Only 5 more school days until the holidays.


  1. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy it. The dusting can wait! A x.

    1. It was AMAZING!! I loved the competition - Fletchy was awesome! Dust? what dust!