Friday, 20 February 2015

We're going on a bear hunt

Actually I hope we don't see one, well maybe I wouldn't mind seeing one in the distance but not right up close. Not close enough that I would have to use this advice:

So what to do: There are almost as many theories are there are bears, but here some tips: An aggressive attitude most likely stimulates aggression in the bear. So better don't take chances. Most case studies show that you better don't look him in the eyes, but don't turn around either. So generally facing his direction, you talk normally and walk slowly backwards. Is the bear really aggressive (most likely the case with a she bear with cups) she will charge in a lot of cases up to a meter in front of you. (Mostly without directly attacking) Keep cool.... and talk normal and walk back. If she really attacks, pepper spray might help, but be sure you have the thing pointed in the right direction (if you can find it fast enough) Spray to nose and eyes. But there is no guarantee that the bear will stop in his tracks or avoid you. You still might get kicked or run over. Play dead. You still might expect some aggression after you're "dead" so you should protect vital organs and face. (so lay face down, knees tot the chest and hands in the neck) About all bear incidents stopped at that time. If it's really not your day, try to defend you with all what you have...

This is the advice we have been given for any bears we meet in Romania. You see, we have booked a trekking holiday in Transylvania, with donkeys - he can't wait - walking from farm house to farm house in the Romanian mountains. Where the bears live.

We are going on a bear hunt - we're not scared....

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