Saturday, 8 September 2012

I had a dream....

I had a dream that I had a tattoo done. I had a dream that this tattoo was of the Uffington white horse and was on my hip and that it was darn cool. I woke up from my dream and said:

"I had a cool dream that I had the Uffington white horse tattooed on my hip, I think I will get it done," all hazily and fuzzily at the 6.30am.

Cue gasp, shock and horror from the parents and parents-in-law as they read about this revelation.

I am approaching 40 next year, I feel like I need to mark it somehow. Not very original I know, but cheaper than a sports car and it WAS a very cool dream.


  1. That would be pretty cool! I have a ghecko, which was beautifully done, but sadly did not stand up to pregnancy too well! (it was on my stomach)

  2. It makes for such a great story! Why not?!

  3. Yup, think I will. Have asked a few friends and bloggers, and pretty happy with the idea myself! Its going to be teeny tiny and just for me, so if it stretches along the years then so be it.