Monday, 28 May 2012

Doing nothing

We're not very good at doing nothing are we? I mean nothing - not reading, watching TV, surfing the web or listening to music - just sitting doing absolutely nothing. Yesterday I did nothing for a few hours, after a whole lot of watering, gardening and shopping for the evening  barbeque I treated myself to a day in the garden lying down, staring at the sky listening to the birds and insects. It was so utterly therapeutic that I feel as though I have had a 10 day holiday. I cannot remember when I last allowed myself to sit, OK so maybe I had just a teensy weensy hangover but the benefits of relaxing so deeply must be measurable.

It's hard not to feel guilty about doing nothing. As a mum, there is always something to do, and even if the children are happy to entertain themselves there are always domestic chores and work preparation that needs accomplishing. Even if all the food has been cooked, house cleaned, washing done, homework completed, work emails up to date, social life planned then there is STILL is something to do. Maybe it took a little hangover to make me stop yesterday and lie still, the guilt gave way to calm and serenity and a knowing that I need to do nothing more often.

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