Sunday, 13 May 2012

Run, Sarah, run!

I've started running and I'm not really sure why. I've only been three times, twice for a 10 minute jog and today I managed 20 minutes. I say I managed but really it felt awful, really bad. My thighs felt like leaden hulky masses which didn't seem to flow forward, each step jarred my back and the stitch started as soon as I set off, practically. My lungs felt red hot and knees all creaky and old. I'm not sure I am supposed to feel this way but I'm trying to get puffed out three times a week, to be healthy.

The plus side of running though is it's rhythm, being out in the fresh air, spotting two deer in the fields and ten or so baby rabbits unexpectedly jumping into the hedgerows as I came thundering (plodding maybe) around the corner. And I like the way it challenges you mentally. I could just stop and give up and take a nice stroll home or I could just see if I can run to that next bend, and then maybe just to the top of that hill, each time pushing yourself just a little further.

And when you get home you feel ace, all the endorphins flowing around the body, sweaty and achy but most of all you feel extremely virtuous.

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