Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday boogie - tribute to Donna Summer

Every Friday morning, at around 7am after dropping him off at the train station, we all have a dance around the living room and kitchen to celebrate the coming of the weekend. We crank it up (sorry neighbours) and bellow out our favourite tunes of the moment in our pyjamas. The children absolutely love this side of me, the free, fun, excited side of myself and revel in it before I start barking the usual orders of:

"Eat your breakfast"
"Hurry up we are late" (always my fault)
"Clean your teeth"
"Blow your nose"
"Oh my, we forgot to do your spellings..."

Today A was rather taken with yesterdays Pink Floyd, 'Another brick in the wall', having diligently learnt all the words - insisted on having it on 4 times in a row, her air guitar and attitude better with each rendition. I have images of her teaching all her friends, goodness knows what I have started.

We also had a Donna Summer moment, I introduced the girls to the 'Queen of disco' and they soon caught on to the lyrics of I feel love (!). What a brilliant start to the weekend, we all feel energised and happy. RIP Donna Summer, thank you for making two little girls and one big girl feel great today. I have decided that our Friday dance mornings are not only going to be at the end of the week, but every day, starting with next Monday when it is most needed.

Happy weekend all.

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