Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Jobs I'd just rather not do

There are some jobs I loath and try to avoid at all costs. In at No1 has got to be putting the duvet cover back on the duvet, dear God that is frustrating and PAINFUL, it really hurts your arms and aches your shoulders. I hate it so much it makes me want to have a tantrum, sometimes I do. I especially hate it when after going through the whole palava you realise that; THE DUVET COVER IS SODDING INSIDE OUT. And you have to start again. Usually I wait for him to come home and do it, in the separation of jobs, putting the duvet cover back on the duvet is most definitely his.

In no particular order, these are also chores I dislike intensely:

2. Putting petrol in the car
This is loathsome in winter. You are all nice and cosy listening to Woman's Hour, heater blasting and then you realise you are low on petrol. It pains me getting out of the car, taking the petrol cap off, the fumes make me sick, standing there for AN AGE waiting for the tank to fill - don't get me started on the cost - put the petrol cap on, lock the kids in the car, go pay for the petrol, forget which number pump you are, get side tracked for 2 for 1 offer on Hula Hoops and forget to collect the Nectar points.

3. Separation of underwear and pairing of socks
Mine and his underwear easy to differentiate, hopefully, but the kids is a nightmare. Every time I have to look at the age label and even then I get it wrong, when A comes home complaining her pants are cutting into bum/thighs/vagina (nice) and P's have fallen down multiple times at pre-school (note to self, I should really check their dressing techniques each morning).

Him and I share socks, all black, but not all the same. This involves lining all the socks up on the bed and playing a form of pelmanism when I least want to.

4. Ironing
Can't say I dislike ironing as I don't do it. Never. We wear creased clothes or clothes that don't need ironing. Simple.

5. Cleaning out the cat litter tray
Pretty self explanatory really, alongside clearing cat puke and half masticated rodents from the bottom of the stairs.

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