Friday, 25 May 2012

Need to see the sea

It's scorchio at last, really hot like the Mediterranean. All the plants are wilting in the greenhouse, shocked into Summer living, I'm having to remember to give them some air, water twice a day and nurture them until they are ready for the salad beds or allotment. What with the plants needs, the cats demands and mothering two little girls (plus a job - but that's a whole other story) I am feeling a little hemmed in and need to see some big skies and the vast expanse of the English channel. I always feel like this at the end of term, anger inching its way to an explosion - another cake sale, fancy dress costume for the Jubilee, extra fundraising event, after school activities....I am going to f**k up big soon and send the children to school with no knickers and forget to watch their end of term play. Yes, its time to go to the sea and breathe some deep lungfuls of salty air, run along the hard dry paths in between the gorse bushes and purple heather, feel energised and on top of the world.

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