Thursday, 24 May 2012

I want to be a fancy tile, mummy!

A is still requesting 'Another brick in the wall' for our morning dance before school, so I asked her what she thought it meant.

She shrugged in the way that teenagers do, "I dunno"

"Well, lets go outside and look at the bricks, what are they like?"

So she explained the colour, their shape, that few had a snail on and some had plants growing between them.

"Are all the bricks the same, A?" I asked

"Yes, nearly, except for the ones with snails" she replied

So I explained that maybe Pink Floyd was saying that you might end up just like everyone else if you are taught how to think exactly the same as everyone else - you end up being another brick in the wall and too scared to be different. A nodded, it slowly sinking in.

"Do you want to be another brick in the wall, A?" I enquired.

"Oh, no mummy, I want to be a fancy tile!" she replied with glee.

May you always shine through darling, be individual, creative and grab life by its horns, may you always be a fancy tile among bricks and encourage others to be fancy tiles too!

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