Sunday, 10 June 2012

Back to school

I've got the Sunday night blues. I shouldn't really as I happen to be riding a horse for a friend tomorrow and will be cantering through long meadow grass all morning - but after I have dropped the kids back at school.

A week ahead of school trips, lunch boxes, clean school uniforms, a school play, homework (grrr), spelling tests (double grrr) and getting to the playground before the bell makes me jittery, but mostly I will miss my children. I feel like I have got to know them again this week and I love that, I can't wait for the summer holidays when 6 weeks stretches before us, giving us freedom to adventure and explore. They, however, are excited to go back and are looking forward to seeing their friends and swapping half term exploits.

I have the overwhelming urge to pack it all in, buy a camper van and take the kids on an extended road trip, learning on the way. With a computer to help me, I reckon they would gain more from the people we met and the cultures we lived in - therefore becoming so much more rounded than staying here, bowing to a life of routine and conforming to 6 hours a day of schooling. Just have to persuade them and him that this is a really good idea.


  1. Oh yes - we have a camper van and at the end of every trip, I think - shall we just not go home... Have always conformed up to now, but I do think that may be one day, we really won't go back - certainly not back to the old routine.

  2. Sounds amazing, I would love a nomadic life but the mortgage needs paying blah blah blah. I love the idea of a camper van, a little home on the road rather than back packing around the globe - so there would always be something grounding about the trip. Do you travel abroad and how many weeks do you go for, Recipe Junkie?

    1. just started to go abroad in it - my son was very ill for a long time and it's taken a bit of time for us to get our confidence back up. Last summer we went to Holland and France for 10 days with places to saty booked. this summer we've got a 10 day trip to france planned. We are just booking a ferry and going to go where the road takes us. Would love to take longer - we spent 6 weeks on the road with a tent (in UK) after our son finished his chemo but it's almost impossible to take that sort of time off at the moment, although i would love to do it again. We're idly discussing the possibility of 6 months round Europe before the oldest starts secondary school - so in the next 3 years. Watch this space!