Friday, 29 June 2012

Meme - it's a blog thang!

I have been tagged for a meme  - and although I am extraordinarily flattered - I am a complete novice and don't really understand a) what I am supposed to do and b) why?

Anyhow, I am supposed to answer eleven questions and then ask another 11 questions and tag another 11 bloggers. Trouble is I don't know eleven bloggers, so I will just answer the questions which Recipe Junkie has set me, you may or may not find this interesting, I guess as with everything else I write!

Wham or Frankie Goes to Hollywood?

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - was sex education for me in the 80's

Dog or Cat?

Cat, I have 2 see Look what the cat dragged in. I like dogs too, the cats just got here first.

Nigella or Delia?

Delia, no Nigella, no Delia, no idea

Silent Witness or CSI?

Niether, don't have a telly

Thomas Cook or Internet? 


TV or Radio?

Radio, don't have a telly

London or Paris?

London, London, London

If you could choose any 6 people to come for dinner with you (living or dead) who would you choose and why?What would you cook?

All my lovely friends who I don't get to see very much any more, you know who you are. Food? something really simple, some great local organic meat, veggies from the allotment, strawberries from the garden with clotted cream. Or a takeaway.

Favourite book when you were a child?Earliest memory?

A nursery rhyme book and poetry book for children. I can still recite them now and see the illustrations.

And you? what would you answer?

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  1. Thanks for doing this - Ditto for frankie; I go radio too, although we do have a telly. I also have a childhood illustrated poetry book that was one of my favourites. I found a copy recently at my Husband's aunt's house - just as lovely as I remembered it!